Our proprietary scanning technology was developed specifically for the identification and reclamation of underwater timber. Using our technology, we first identify sunken timber resting on the riverbed before bringing this precious wood to the surface with our mechanised Timber Recovery Vessels.

Underwater Timber Scanning Technology
Harvested submerged trees

Each job we do is different. The equipment required for sunken log extraction and standing submerged tree harvesting vary considerably. Our team ensures each Timber Recovery Vessel is specially designed and equipped to suit its purpose. We take factors including type of underwater timber, depth of the water, and location of operations into account before designing and fitting out our specialised vessels. 

Underwater Tree Harvesting

By adapting cutting edge technologies from industries such as marine salvage and oil and gas, we stay at the forefront of underwater timber recovery. Our precision underwater saws are guided by GPS and our proprietary scanning technology allows our harvesters to work with pinpoint accuracy and increased efficiency. 


Underwater Logs Recovery
Reclaimed Timber Recovery

This high-quality preserved reclaimed timber is then transported direct to the Port for export as round logs, or to our mills for processing into sawn timber based on customer requirements. 

Timber Floats for Log Recovery
Underwater Timber Saw


Sunken Log Scanning Equipment
Underwater Timber Scanning Equipment
Submerged Timber Scanning Equipment
Underwater Timber Scanning Technology