Our team has worked on Underwater Timber Recovery projects in Canada, the United States of America, Panama, Paraguay, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela and Malaysia. This diverse experience has given us an unrivaled perspective and skill-set towards this unique industry.

These projects have included the harvesting of underwater trees flooded by the creation of dams for Hydroelectric Powerplants and Irrigation projects, and the recovery of sunken logs and timber from lakes, rivers, and other waterways.

We are not limited to the areas shown in the map below. Our teams are able to deploy anywhere to explore the feasibility of submerged timber projects.

We bring in our proprietary scanning equipment to conduct surveys to catalogue the types and quantities of timber present. Once the necessary permits have been granted by the relevant authorities we will bring in our specialised Timber Recovery Vessels to begin operations. 

Map of Project Locations

Please see our What is Underwater Timber Page? for more information on how this precious commodity ends up on the bottom of lakes and riverbeds around the world.